Simple Ideas for a Home Based Business

Many women and men do not relish the idea of long commutes, heavy traffic and office politics that is often necessary to just to earn a living. Fortunately, there has never been a better time than now to generate income from the comfort of home. In fact, unique work from home ideas have created entrepreneurs nationwide. Many have found new and exciting ways to work on their own schedule, as their own boss.


Female freelancer in her casual home clothing working from her dining table in the morning HomeA freelancer can use their skill set for just about anything happening in the business world. This includes writing online content, managing a blog, working for a company as a project manager, customer service opportunities, and others. Typically, businesses are willing to pay freelancers by the job, or the hour. Freelancing offers the ability to work from home on a flexible schedule, anytime around-the-clock.

Virtual Assistant

While a personal assistant was once just a luxury for the rich, many individuals now see the advantage of paying a virtual assistant to do a variety of jobs. A virtual assistant is often used by companies and individuals that cannot justify hiring a permanent employee on a full-time basis. Virtual assistants are usually paid by the hour on an average of $15 to $100 or more.

Medical Transcriptionist

Transcribing medical documents and reports can be a demanding job, and is not for everyone. However, working as a medical transcriptionist is extremely lucrative, and can provide a steady stream of income every month. The detailed work requires listening to dictation from doctors and typing up what is heard. The challenge can be in understanding difficult accents, slurred words, or distracting noises on the transcription record. However, most medical transcriptionists can earn $15-$20 an hour or more.

Customer Representative

Usually, when individuals purchase a product or item from an infomercial or catalog, they often imagine they are talking to customer representatives sitting in rows of cubicles all speaking at the same time. However, the customer rep on the end of the phone line is more likely to be sitting in the comfort of their home office. In fact, remote-based customer service is a growing, enormous industry.

Many companies are outsourcing this service, and eager to find native speaking reps that use their own computer hardware equipment and dedicated landline. An online remote-based customer representative job can be a lucrative position that allows you to work on the flexible schedule you design.

Technical Support Specialist

Many call centers hire remote-based specialists to provide technical support to their customers. Hiring employees to work from home, at nearly any location worldwide, can lower overhead costs and avoid the need to provide a desk, computer system, phone, chair, and office space. In recent years, more companies are outsourcing their tech support system, and paying workers handsomely to work at home.

These unique work from home ideas are usually a mouse click away. Parents wanting to spend more time at home with their children, retirees in need of supplemental income, individuals with disabilities and trailing military spouses usually perform these jobs. However, these ideas are opportunities available to anyone wanting to abandon their traditional day job.