Work From Home With These Jobs

Working from home is becoming quite a popular option for a number of people. Some are tired of the long commute to work each day and want to become their own boss. Others dream of staying home with their children but still want to find a way to contribute to the family financially. Regardless of the reason, there are a number of possibilities for those that are ambitious and willing to work hard. The following five jobs are all great options if you are interested in learning how to work from home.


This job is perfect for those that can type well. There are a number of companies that require this type of service; some only provide certain types of work, like transcribing legal documents, where others have a variety of assignments available. These companies typically either pay by the hour or by the page, but you can expect to earn about $10 an hour.

Virtual Assistant

Full time administrative assistants are expensive. Therefore, many businesses choose to hire a virtual assistant, someone they can ask to do jobs for them on an as-needed basis. Because of this, most virtual assistants have several different clients they work for. Depending on your skills, you could do just about anything; for example, you might respond to emails, upload blogs, compile data, answer phone calls, and even run a social media account. Pay varies greatly, but you can expect to start at between $10 and $12 per hour.

Customer Service Representative

Many retail companies do most of their business online. Therefore, they are eliminating more and more of their physical locations, which means they need the help of virtual customer service representatives. For example, and Jet Blue Airways have both outsourced work to virtual representatives. These individuals help with purchases and deal with any issues that arise. Pay ranges, but you probably will not make more than $12 or $15 per hour. However, when thinking of working in the home, this is a great option because there are a number of positions available.

Travel Agent

The travel industry is no stranger to scams. However, with a bit of work, you can establish yourself as a legitimate home-based travel agency. This field is really growing, and some people are earning in the triple digits. Still, establishing yourself and gaining clientele takes time, so you must be patient as you build your business.


If you enjoy making clothing, art, jewelry or other items, you can set up your own business and sell your products online. Sites like eBay and Etsy make it easy for entrepreneurs to get started, and it generally does not cost much money to set up an account and begin listing items. The pay obviously varies, but if you find a niche, you can be quite successful.

Whether you are interested in earning a living from home or you just want to contribute something to the family finances, there are job opportunities available that allow you to set your own hours and avoid a daily commute. These ideas should get you started, but there’s a world of possibilities out there when it comes to how to work from home.